2020 will remain a unique year of its kind… The pandemic has spared no sector, imposing profound changes in the way we work, communicate and even consume.

Marketing must now live with the changes induced by the pandemic. Regardless of whether, health crisis or not, marketing remains a highly evolving field due to the regular emergence of new technologies and communication tools. 

So, what does 2021 have in store for you in terms of marketing? This is what we are going to decipher through these trends! 

1. The Marketing of Nostalgia 

During the lockdown, many consumers spent time reviewing their old favourite movies and series. Why? Some studies show that nostalgia provides a sense of meaning and continuity. 

Longing also helps ease feelings of anxiety and look to the future with hope. As much to tell you that it is particularly comforting at the moment!  

However, this melancholy will not leave consumers when the current crisis is over. The risk of a new pandemic will remain in the minds of the population. This will strengthen the impact of nostalgia marketing (also called retro marketing). 

Concretely, instead of anticipating the next big trend, retro marketing relies on the gains of the past and uses the familiarity of the old to sell the innovation of the new. 

2. The Return of Participatory Marketing 

Participatory marketing was already a trend in the 2010s, before falling a bit into oblivion. But the current world is bringing it up to date.

Consumers want to be more involved in their consumption, to help companies produce services and products in accordance with their needs and values. 

Whether they are writing reviews, posting branded content through social media, collaborating on new product like sticker printing launches with a business, consumers want to play a role in brand development.

Publishing and sharing content with customers themselves therefore become an interesting marketing technique for your business. What better advertisement than giving a voice to a satisfied customer, right?

Ask for their opinion, get them to vote, solicit their opinion. These actions must find their place in your 2021 marketing strategy.