So, trade shows are over and now you have a roll-up banner but still unsure how to maximise the usage of it. It’d be a waste if you just use your roll-up banner once, both financially and resource wise. Especially in this day and age where we should always be able to do 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Because we can not really recycle a banner, the next thing to do is to reuse. In this article, we will give some ideas on how you can use a roll-up banner to its full potential. Here are some ideas on what to do with your roll-up banners after it was used for its intended use : 

1. Reuse it as props.  

Whether it is for a meeting with potential investors or putting it in the front office for customers to see, it is important for businesses to familiarise their brand with their customers.  

2. Reuse it in the store. 

If your business has a physical store, you can reuse it to promote your business by putting the roll up banner in front of the store, so customers can see and read more about your business. An attractive roll-up banner might increase the traffic of potential customers. 

3. Reuse it for the next trade shows. 

You might be thinking “why should i reuse last year’s banner?” Well, if you are still offering the same service or product then why not reuse it ? It can save money, time and resources. Not only that, you could also use it to show the growth your company has been doing since last year. Maybe last year you only had 2 products and this year you have 5 products. It is always a good idea to show customers about your company’s growth. It shows that your company is not stagnant and constantly evolving.