Metal business cards are a new concept in the world of business. There are many companies in this industry, all trying to stand out and get their name out there.

So, how do you go about doing that? Every day, the corporate world expands. And as the number of businesses grows, so does the number of firms.

In the corporate world, there is fierce rivalry. Each company, on the other hand, has a set budget. The publicity and promotion budget must be strictly adhered to, like investing in a pull up banner.

Although most start-ups have a limited budget, lavish advertising or advertisement is not permitted. 

CMYK colors are printed with gold or silver foil on metallic business cards. The final product is a silver business card with a shimmery, glittery finish. Rather than metal, these cards are typically printed on paper cardstock. 

Metal business cards are more expensive to manufacture than paper business cards due to the additional tooling needed. When it comes to price, they usually range from $6 to $8 per card. 

Metal Name Cards Can Help You Secure A Bit of The Short Human Attention Span 

Metal business cards are sure to catch people's eyes. If you have any idea why? It is a fact of human psychology that when we see something unusual, our mind records it and keeps it for a long time.

When it comes to metal business cards, the same thing happens. In the business world, these cards are uncommon. A few businesses only use these business cards. As a result, when you hand over a business card to a prospective client.

They may be taken aback if they receive a metal business card. As a result, they can start a conversation with you without intending to. Now it's up to you to persuade the customer to use your services.

Voila! If you do an excellent job in your role. You've landed a new customer.