Design is an important aspect to add aesthetic value to something, including social media. The generation that is most active and 'design literate' is arguably important in the development and innovation of a design. Millennials generation and generation z are two generations that play an important role in the advancement of design innovation. Whether it's designed on a product, packaging, painting, music, fine art, dance, song, and various social media platforms. There is a distinct thing that distinguishes millennials and generation z, from previous generations who are much older. 

These two young generations are often correlated with a generation that is more active, flexible, and energetic. This is also manifested in their daily lives, including their activities on social media. We often find that these two generations have social media that are not only more active, but also more aesthetically pleasing. How do they do this? Check out the following article.   

1. Tells a Story 

Design that tells a story is a type of design that millennials and Gen Z are very interested in. A story embedded into a design is often found in a clothing design, including t-shirts, hats, jackets, even dresses. They love how something has a historical value, not just an image or colour that is mixed and matched. Sure, they like it too, but it will be better if a design represents something like a story why a design is shaped like that. Especially on social media, most of them want their platform to look neat and beautiful.