Design is an important element that needs to be there to support aesthetics and make a beautiful impression about something. Including social media, design is an inseparable element. Especially millennials who are the most active generation that currently using social media platforms. Design on a social media will be an effective hook if it is well-managed. Also, a well-made design will benefit the overall content provided. Consistency is also needed in presenting a well-designed content so that it can still be engaged with your audience. Want to know more about design on social media? Check out the following article.   

1. The Design Speaks for the Theme 

Design in a piece of content element will create a particular theme that you are trying to create. This is the easiest way to explain it in words. Even though many people will perceive it and interpret it differently, but this way is rather very effective way to do it. You might want to set the mood of the design to be fun by using vibrant colour, or maybe just as simple as black and white, and so on. 

2. Gain Recognition 

Social media is certainly a fun thing to do. Especially in spare time, not only playing video games, but scrolling through Instagram or TikTok are also fun to do. These platforms contain millions and even billions of people who surf every day. And if you are serious about dealing with the world of social media, you need gain recognition. Any creator and basically anyone working in the online platform can gain recognition by using their own unique design. These creators can design their social media and content using their characteristics. Design wise, you might want to have your that differentiates you from the rest and represents yourself.