3. Type of Designs 

The type of designs that you can create based on the visual presentation include infographics, carousels, slides, quotes, narrative photos, gifs, collages, memes, and others. These types of designs are made in such a way as to become someone's niche. You can choose one or even all of these types to create on your social media. But do keep in mind that one social media may only focus on infographics, and others focus on collages or quotes and so on. This is done to focus their social media on the intended target. 

4. Multiple Platforms 

Having many social media platforms with similar theme on each one of it is an effective trick to gain engagement with your audience. The same tone across the platforms with give you better chance to get attention. It is obvious but you have to bear in mind that you don't only make designs on various platforms. But it has to be made in a beautiful and pleasing way to the eye. Avoid using designs and colours that are too flashy and make your eyes uncomfortable. 

So, have you got a little idea about the importance of a good design on social media? Great, Hope it helps!