Keep in Mind About These 6 Tips for Appealing,  Effective Brochure


If you try to save money for brochure printing by doing it on your own from scratch, having no experience in design and printing can be a big hurdle for you to reach your goals. Don't worry; using these simple guidelines, you will create a professional-looking brochure that effectively targets your target audience even as a beginner.


1. Full-bleed printing

If you want a brochure that looks bolder and more appealing, print it in full bleed, which means the style extends to the edges of the brochure's assigned dimension. This printing choice is more expensive, but it is well worth it. If you cannot afford complete bleed printing, keep the backdrop white so the design can still appear like it is printed in full bleed.


2. Show your company logo

Make it clear to the target audience which business is attempting to reach out to them by showing them your company logo. Using the business logo in the design of your brochure not only gives you credibility but also encourages high brand recognition. People will become more familiar with your logo as they see it more often, and their interest in your brand will gradually increase. If you can reach out to more customers with your brochures in this manner, you can quickly earn their support and win the competition in the market.


3. Paper stock quality

You can select from a variety of paper stock quality options for brochure printing in Singapore. They vary in terms of design, durability, and cost. A brochure should be neither too thin nor too thick. To create a brochure that feels and looks premium as well as compelling, use a thicker paper stock. This will help your business make a strong first impression when your brochure is given out to your target audience.


4. Use full colour

Your brochure can, and even advisably designed in full colour so it is much more appealing than a black and white brochure. When it comes to selecting colours for your brochure, aim to consider one that best represents the logo you want for your business and choose colours that match it such that it complements each other rather than clashing and creating an unappealing image.


5. Don't use too many fonts

Use no more than three different font styles to design a brochure. Ideally, you should limit yourself to only two. If you use a variety of fonts in your brochure, it can look messy. This will not make a positive impact on your target customers, and your brochure will not be able to draw them.


6. Use an HQ image

You should certainly use photos that support the message that you try to deliver to your target audience to make your brochure appear more appealing. However, there is a common blunder that people make, which is failing to use a high-resolution picture. Make sure the photographs you use for your brochure's template are 300 dpi or higher, which is the best resolution for high-quality printing. With this resolution, you will not have to think about the scale of the brochure you print because the image will maintain its high quality when printed.