2. Typographical Error 

Actually, this is one of the most common mistakes in making packaging stickers! The detailed information written on the stickers is often forgotten to be checked. That's the reason why typography mistakes frequently happen. So, to avoid making the same mistake, it's best to always double-check the information or text written on your sticker! 

3. Illegible Text or Information  

Making the information on your packaging stickers illegible is another mistake that you should avoid! Some people put too much information in the limited area of their packaging sticker, which makes them choose a small font size and spacing as their way of making some adjustment. That is why the text on the sticker can be difficult to read by the audience and you cannot convey the information appropriately to the people. Because of that, keep in mind that you have to "filter" the information first and only include the vital information on the sticker. Plus, choose a spacing, size and type of font that everyone will be comfortable reading! 

4. Wrong Size 

If you are just guessing about the perfect size for your packaging stickers, you might get the wrong size! That is one of the mistakes that can happen in making packaging stickers. So, to avoid making stickers with inappropriate size, you better make the estimation based on measurement. How? You can estimate the size and sketch your sticker first, then cut out the sketch and place it on the packaging to see if the estimated size is perfect or not. Once you've got the perfect size, you can move on to designing and printing your sticker at a printing service such asSingapore sticker printing!