5. Wanting to Put Too Much.  

To set yourself apart from the competition, you don't need to put more information than you need on your business cards.

Keep in mind that the ideal business card should be kept relatively simple in terms of what information to display. 

We therefore advise you to include the following information: 

 - The name of your company 

 - Your first and last name  

- The title of your function  

- The commercial address (offices / company headquarters)  

- Your contact information (telephone & e-mail) - Professional social networks & Website address  

6. Giving out Personal Information.  

The information on your business cards must be kept professional and relevant to your business.

Contact information should be professional. If you have to give your social media profiles, make sure they are professional. 

7. Being Too Classic.  

Business cards are of course professional tools that reflect your business and your credibility.

But you can perfectly create a serious and professional business card design while adding your personal touch to bring originality to the whole. 

For example: Choose a square, vertical, raised, animated shape, etc. while ensuring that the cards fit easily into a wallet.