The digital change and networks like XING or LinkedIn have not harmed business card demands. Hardly any print product shows consistently high demand, like the little card made of cardboard.  

But what does a business card need so that the other person will remember it in 2021 and not end up in the waste paper immediately after handing it over? Here we show you the business card trends 2021 for a perfect first impression. 

1. Black and White Business Cards 

Monochrome business cards grow their own appeal. If the card is entirely black with white text, the detail sticks out elegantly without being overbearing. At the same time, the background's honorable nature is enhanced. Black business cards are not a sign of sadness but rather of boldness. 

2. Sustainability: CO2 Compensation 

Printing and manufacturing business cards also consume resources and generate emissions. Especially in times of climate change, it makes sense to think about sustainability when ordering your cards.  

3. Haptic Accents 

Many of our senses are triggered as we humans come into touch with something different. In 2021, a business card with a unique surface can make you stand out. Lamination with linen framework film or soft-touch surfaces is common here. 

4. Minimalism Instead of Pomp 

The trend towards black business cards has shown that 2021 is the year of minimalism in business card design. We have seen a lot in the history of the little card. But the trick now is to achieve the most significant impact with few resources.  

5. Lasting Values ​​Instead of the Highest Level of Customization 

Whether in a young startup or an established corporation, the fluctuation of employees can be very high depending on the industry. A significant trend in 2021 takes this fact up with it. Many professional business card printing are mainly designed with the company's central USPs and central contact options for individual departments.