6. Sustainability  

For companies, sustainability will play an even bigger role in corporate identity in 2021. This will also be noticeable in the choice of paper for business cards. Recycled paper is becoming a trend for small address boxes. Thanks to its high degree of whiteness, modern recycled paper no longer has anything in common with the gray, coarse-grained paper that is commonly confused with recycled paper. 

7. Portrait Instead of Landscape 

Attract attention with minimal effort! In 2021, more business cards will be printed in portrait orientation, continuing the pattern. When configuring your business cards, try out the effect right away. 

8. Color-Core Paper 

We already know all business cards that are printed on particularly strong premium cardboard. But in addition to the strong impression, the white space between the front and back remains unused on the sides. Business cards with a colored core can therefore become a popular design trend in 2021. 

9. Handcrafted Illustrations 

Even with the best picture editing software, the design from the PC remains identical. As a result, hand-drawn drawings are becoming increasingly popular. What has been found in the last two to three years in book covers will offer a lot of diversity and individuality in business card design in 2021. 

10. Noble Finishing 

Finishing is a megatrend in the printing industry. Since the technology for applying relief varnish, hot foil, UV varnish, or lamination is becoming increasingly cheaper, these finishes are also available to all customers for business card printing at a comparatively low additional cost. Take advantage of the trend towards surface finishing for a trendy business card printing, but do not forget your address and message!