Most Important Things to Remember When Designing a Name Card


A name card is a tool that can represent your business or your company. So, naturally, it is important to create a design that can make your name card a great tool that assists you as you do business.


Even though it looks like a simple feat, there are many possible mistakes that you might do and not realize when designing and printing a name card.


Thus, before you proceed to design and print name cards in Singapore, read these tips below first.


1. Make a Design That Reflects Your Brand Personality

It is true that basically, a name card's purpose is to give people your contact information. However, as you do so, it is also a chance to market your business or promote your brand. That is why it is important to make a name card that can reflect the brand's personality. For example, you need to use the colours that your brand use, include the business logo, and so on.


2. Choose the Right Typeface

In simpler words, you need to be able to choose the most suitable kind of font for your name card design. If your brand already has a designated font that you use on the logo, website, or other places, then you need to use it in your business card as well for a cohesive look.

Ideally, the size of the font of your choice should be at least 8 pts or bigger. However, you can also play with the hierarchy to emphasize certain information that needs to be the focus of the reader, such as your name or business name on the card.


3. Wisely Choose Name Card Size

There are no restrictions on the dimension of a name card. Naturally, the bigger it is, the more information can be stuffed into the name card. However, this will lower the convenience of it because it will be more difficult for people to carry. If you print it too big, then it would not fit into people's pockets, and you do not want that. There is nothing wrong with printing regular rectangular sizes with normal dimensions. You can still add some extra touch to your name card by finishes like die-cutting to make the appearance stand out a little bit more.


4. Don't Forget Special Finishes

Speaking about finishes, you need to remember that adding finishes to your name card can truly make it stand out. Moreover, finishes can also help your card be remembered more by the receiver. A lot of people choose to at least laminate their business cards so that they can be more durable. Some others choose to add glossy coating, embossing, and others.


5, Remember Proofreading

You would be surprised to know how many people forget about proofreading their design before taking it into the printing stage. Proofreading is absolutely important and a must. Because in this step, you will be making sure that the design of your name card is mistake-free and good to go for the next steps of the production.