Motion graphics has become one of the essential components in creating a catchy advertisement, especially if it is related to business. How a product or service of a brand is shown publicly can affect how it can be noticed by the people. 

Studies have shown that motion graphics are able to catch people's attention better compared to other promotional media. Motion graphics can tell a story in a simpler way with a lower budget. 

Before choosing which design can represent your brand, it is better to know various motion graphics services that are available. 

Motion Graphics Services: Design Types for Business 

  1. Animated Logo 

Short animations that are mostly used for business are logos and icons. Most of the designs are in 2D, whether they are animated illustrations or kinetic texts. 

A brand that has an animated logo can bring a unique and personal impression to the brand. Using an icon in addition can even strengthen the brand's character. 

2. Animated Presentation 

No matter how small or big a business, there is always a meeting conducted since it is a way to share the information with others, both internally and externally. 

When it comes to important meetings - like a meeting to get a project tender - preparing outstanding presentations can increase the chance for you to win it. 

Showing an animated presentation, such as infographics, animated concepts, and visually captivating videos can give a punch to your presentation. 

3. 3D Design 

If your business is related to something that needs close-to-reality illustration or digital "dummy", you can choose 3D modeling. These motion graphics can help you to convince potential customers to work with you. 

The 3D design has the ability to show specific visual features and well-defined formation of any product, bags, cell phones, cars, planes, houses, and many more. 

4. Motion Graphics Videos 

There are 3 most popular video types that are usually used by marketers to promote their businesses, namely brand video, explainer video, and instructional video. 

The content of a brand video is usually about a brief look at a brand's product and service. While an explainer video is usually about customers' reviews. Then, an instructional video is about step-by-step instructions on how to utilize a product. 

These videos can encourage potential customers to use a brand's product or service because it makes the customers feel relatable to what the videos show. 

5. UI Animation 

User-interface animations usually have things to do with applications or websites. If you create an application to make the customers reach your brand easily, providing a great UI can give them a better experience in using the application. 

The UI animation can also be applied to your brand's website. It can prolong the visitors' time to stay on the website. Animated graphics often successfully hold people's attention to watch it until the last second of its motion. 

All of those designs can be used in any social media channel or other promotional media you want. The thing you should do now is to choose which one is suitable for your business or brand's value.