Art is beautiful. Don't you agree? 

If you are a lover of nature and creativity, art should be in your box of interests too, I think.  

One of the ways of creating beautiful scenery both indoors and outdoors is with art. Wallpapers, murals, and different kinds of paintings create beautiful scenery both indoors and outdoors. 

Here we are looking at murals and Maximalist wallpapers. These two are such beautiful pieces of art. 


While murals are an ancient painting style that dates back to the 18th century, their relevance for art lovers has not waned. It is a stunning piece that can tell a story, form a memorial, and beautify an environment. 

Murals are a piece of art painted on a wall. It derives its name from the Latin meaning of wall, "murus." Today, murals are not just paintings on the walls. Murals could also be painted on ceilings, large permanent surfaces. 

Murals are also created for advertising purposes, to portray brands in such a beautiful and artistic way. A painting well designed with a beautiful merging of colors can attract anybody.  

A mural painting is typically different from other forms of painting, pictorial 

arts, and it is all originally linked to 

architecture. It is also considered the only form of painting that is truly and purely three-dimensional, given that it partakes, uses, and modifies a given space. 

There are three types of murals: photography murals, painted scenery or image murals, and abstract murals.