Photography murals can take different forms, such as a single photo or a photo montage. Photography murals are exceptional with advances in printing procedures and materials such as canvas, aluminum, vinyl sticker printing, or even photo boards. A photo mural is usually a few meters long and used especially decorations on walls. 

A Painted Scenery or image mural may be done as indoor or outdoor decoration. It typically means painting a scene or an image for one's admiration, and it usually depicts one's individuality and interest, especially for an indoor image mural. Outdoor murals are generally painted on the side of buildings or walls, such as in city parks. 

Abstract murals like painted scenery can be used in styling the interior of a home or office. Usually, it is painted either on a giant or a multiple-section canvas. 

Maximalist Physical Wallpapers: 

Maximalist style or maximalism is the direct opposite of minimalism, which is the ideology that "the less, the better." It implies that the fewer decorations or paintings and more of a space, the better and more beautiful. 

Maximalism paintings or wallpaper pays more attention to bright colors, different patterns, and buoyant textures. Maximalist wallpapers portray the ideology " more is more." The more the color and the pattern, the more to look at. The whole aim is to be eye-catching and unforgettable. 

Maximalist wallpapers play a massive role in transforming rooms into stunning spaces, which attracts much admiration. 

I'd say murals are the best for the outdoors. It gives open spaces such beauty to behold. Maximalist wallpapers, on the other hand, can give that room such a beautiful look.