Poster or banner stand is quite popular among all other types of stands that one can buy for indoor marketing purposes.

Even though it is not as sophisticated as the retractable poster stand, this one is still very much convenient as well. 

Moreover, it is an affordable way of marketing.  

When it comes to marketing using an X banner, it is important to pay attention to the design. A good design is one that looks appealing but also works effectively on the target market or audience.

If it is your first time in making a poster stand, these simple tips will help you out in creating a great looking stand that works wonders for your target market.

1. Consider the Market's Wants and Needs 

To make relevant content for your banner stand, it is absolutely critical to know what does your market want and needs.  

In order to know what they want and need, you have to conduct thorough market research before you start designing your banner or poster stand. 

By doing market research, you will know your market or audience better and know how to cater to their needs. 

With this knowledge, you can start making the right strategy that can work effectively on the market of your choice. 

To make strong marketing and branding, you have to use this knowledge as effectively as possible so that you can come off strong and straightforward in offering what they want and need so that they will feel interested in your promotion.

It is important to implement AIDA for the design of your pull up banner stand, which stands for 


Your banner stand design has to be able to quickly attract the attention of people with the design and content.  

You can do this by using bright colors, intriguing headlines, images that stand out, and other ways to make the appearance of the banner stand to pop out. 


Interesting does not only mean interesting aesthetically but also content-wise. When people's eyes land on the design or appearance of your banner stand, the content and every element that is present there must come off as interesting enough to make people stay and want to know more about what you have to offer. 


The design of your banner must be able to make your customer feel the urge or need to get your product or try out your service as soon as they read the content. This makes a very effective poster stand for marketing. 


Once the desire has triggered, surely they will want to take action on it. In order to ensure that they take action on their need and desire, there's something that you must do: 

2. Don't Forget CTA and Contact Information 

Call to action sentence and contact information may seem like something simple and rather insignificant, but it truly helps your customer know what they have to do and where do they have to go after they feel intrigued regarding what you offer on your banner or poster stand.