Most of us know that name cards or business cards are commonly used as a networking tool for professionals and marketing material for businesses. Usually, the card contains brief information and contact details about its owner or business.  

We know that the cards are usually used as a way to formally introduce a person or business. But did you know if there are some rules when it comes to giving or exchanging the card?  

Yes, there are several name cards etiquettes that you better follow when it comes to exchanging your name cards. But why do we have to follow the etiquettes? What are the benefits of following those protocols?  

Let's figure out some of the reasons why name cards etiquette is important for you! 

1. Build A Great First Impression!  

Have you heard that name card Singapore is used to build a good first impression? Yes, many people still use this card as a way to make a good impression of themselves or their business. But to build a good impression, having impressive and professional name cards are insufficient! The way you give and receive the card also plays an important role. Why? Because that also determines the impression of yourself from the other's perspective. That is why, apart from having well-design and presentable name cards, it is essential to follow some etiquettes for having a good impression!