Do you want to design and print name cards for your business or professional project? Congratulations! 

We are glad that you made that decision, as name cards are very useful tools for boosting a business and bringing it closer to success. 

But we also know that there are still a lot of things you don't understand about those small but beneficial informational items, especially when it comes to printing. 

For that reason, we wanted to list the frequently asked questions about name card printing. Find them below! 

What Information Should the Name Card Contain? 

That is one of the most basic but most important questions on name cards. Before printing them, you should verify if the amount of information they have is adequate. 

Many people do not pay attention to this aspect. However, you must remember that name cards are small, and placing too much information would load them with unnecessary text, making them uncomfortable to read. 

In general, we can say that the essential data in the name cards are the website, the telephone number, and email address. 

You should also make what you offer apparent. To do this, you can place a slogan under the name. 

Can I Have a Double-Sided Card? 

You are right! It is entirely possible to have two-sided name cards. You just need a good design and request that technique from the name card printing service. 

The back can become a valuable space for information that can influence how customers respond to the card and your strategy. 

You can turn the back of your card into a discount coupon, a space for a long slogan or display logos and awards, or a list of services. 

However, you can also leave the second side of the card blank. It also has a particular value, especially for those who are in situations where the recipient would like to have space available to write notes about your business. 

Should I Upload the File or Design My Card Online? 

Name card printing services usually offer two alternatives when it comes to printing. 

You can hire a designer or design your name card on your own and send it to the printing service or use the online design interface that print service providers offer to create your design. 

While designing on your own gives you more freedom over the layout, shape, size, and elements of your name card, using the online interface is very useful and can help you save time. 

Choosing the best alternative will depend on your needs, preferences, and resources. 

Should I Use a Headshot Instead of a Logo? 

It is another of the most frequently asked questions about name cards. Some people put their headshot on name cards instead of a logo. However, this is not a strategy that works for everyone. 

Putting a headshot would have value only if the personal relationship is essential for the company's commercial and sales relationships or business. 

A real estate agent could enjoy many advantages by using a headshot, for example. It can help your audience remember you personally. 

Final Thoughts. 

Have we clarified some of your doubts? Do you have another question about the professional name card printing services? If so, do not hesitate to check other of our posts. 

We will be continually updating information on name cards, their benefits, printing processes, and more. Stay tuned!