Many home business owners undervalue the importance of a name card. Though they are often discarded, a well-designed name card may be one of the most effective offline marketing strategies you have. When you know how cheap and compact, they are, it makes sense to have a couple on hand to give away. Plus, with perforated quality name card paper and low-cost colour printers, creating your name cards can be fast and simple. This is especially useful if you only need a limited quantity or have run out of your usual cards and need a couple to hold you over before you order new ones.  

Here's How to Create and Print Your Name Cards at Home.  

It's time to print your name card after you've designed it. You can follow the instructions given by your name card prototype and printer, but the basics are as follows:  

Next, print a test page. Printing name cards will use a lot of ink, so print a test page first before printing the finished product. If you don't want to waste the name card stock, print on standard copy paper and then keep the scanned copy over the card paper and ensure the lines match up. You may need to keep the two papers up to the sun.  

Print your name cards. Check the printer settings to ensure that it is programmed to print on the type of paper you are using (glossy or matte) and that it is set to high quality namecard printing. If you're printing two-page sheets, make sure your printer is set to two-page printing. Another alternative is to run the paper from one hand first, then move to the other side. Simply reinsert the paper into the paper feed so that the second side prints on the same side and in the correct direction.