Test one page after printing it. You can print more if the one page looks fine. However, just print a few pages at a time. 20 cards can be made from two sheets of card paper. A large number of pages can cause your printer to jam. Furthermore, depending on the ink supply, subsequent pages can be of poor quality if the ink is running low. Don't squander decent paper on a poor print. Finally, if you use more than 100 cards, ordering them might be a safer choice. When you begin printing a large number of cards, you must remember the cost of paper and ink. There comes a point where buying them becomes the more cost-effective alternative than printing at home.  

Allow your new name card printing to dry for a few minutes if you're using an inkjet printer.  

Fold carefully along the perforated lines to break the ties between the cards and allow them to separate. Even if you use clean-edge card stock, tearing the cards too many at a time or too quickly will result in tears or rough edges.