4.Name card Designs Using Die / Laser Cutting  

In terms of name cards, die-cutting has become all too commonplace. Now, graphic designers are breaking down the old format of designing and manufacturing name cards in novel ways.

The card is cut into various shapes when required using the easiest die cutting to make it look unconventional and original.  

Another printing technique is laser cutting, which involves the use of a laser to remove objects. It is a remarkable way to create the best available name cards based on the preferences of the customers.  

5. Designs for Matte / Shiny / Glossy Laminated Name Cards  

Matte lamination adds a strong adhesive coating on name cards. It's too dark and bland to give the aesthetic namecard a good look. People, on the other hand, choose shining and translucent lamination that is smoother, water-resistant, and silky. In this case, it acts as a 'protective cover' for the cards.