Printing name cards is the next step after design. Once you’re done making your cards, it is time to print them and have copies ready for distribution. Keep in mind name cards should be printed in pocket sizes. This allows proper fitting in the recipients’ pockets and saves them from disturbance. An extra-large name card may make the recipient uncomfortable forcing him/her to throw it away. 

There’s another reason why name cards should be printed in small sizes. The tag should possess brief information about you and not too much detail. Below are some of the details your name card should have. 

  • Name 
  • Position 
  • Address 
  • Contacts, including mobile number and email address. 

There are more things you could add to the name card as you wish. But, always remember the less detailed your name card is the better. Receivers just want to know who you are, where they can find you and what assistance you can offer them. Any additional information may be unnecessary. That is why you must be as brief as possible. Extra information may also make the name card too busy and that will encourage the receiver of the card to dispose it off. 

Printing Practices 

You have to get the details right and print your cards correctly. This will balance your details on the card and keep the card small for easy carriage. The first step is in using the right designer. If the designing app is good for the work, it will offer great printing options. You can utilize the same when printing. Alternatively, you could save the designs on your desktop and open them from there. Then, proceed to print. 

When printing, the printer will give you options to choose from. For a normal A4 size paper, you should get 6 by 3 name card print outs. In total, you will have around 18 name cards for yourself. Setting for such a printout requires keenness. After the ‘Print” dialogue box open, you should adjust the settings to allow you print the number of copies you want. Besides, the margins should be well set for a perfect fitting. 

You should also be keen on the number of card copies you print. Cards should be printed on need basis. Remember to track the effectiveness of your cards also. Printing name cards is a cost you want to control. I’m certain anyone who contacts you after getting your number from a name card will let you know. That is why it is possible to track how effective your name cards are. 

If you realize they are working well and converting your potential clients to sales you should mind producing more copies. The moment you realize things are not working with the cards, please think about redesigning your cards. That way you may make them more effective. 


Printing name cards can be a challenge some times. But with the correct procedure you can get them nicely printed out. The results will be out for everyone to see. Conversion is the ultimate indicator of well printed business card.