Is Name Card Still Needed in 2021? This is The Answer


We all know that digitisation is definitely the norm these days. We rely on technology more than ever. This includes the way we gain connection, even as professionals. Many people now create networks through LinkedIn. There, you can meet a lot of professionals easily.


For some people, this raises the question of whether or not name cards is still relevant in Singapore.


Well, apparently, it is still very much useful. This article will convey the reasons why you should still have name cards even in this modern era.


1. Affordable Marketing Tool

Promoting your brand or company is quite important. Sure, digital marketing is very effective these days. But there are certain circumstances where you cannot just rely on that. Name cards can be used to reach people who might have not seen your ads. Of course, these cards are cheap to produce and you do not have to put too much money into this simple marketing and sales effort.


2. Useful in Events and Exhibitions

In trade and exhibitions, name cards are often more useful than the digital way of exchanging contact information. It is something that you can give away for free, and it usually gives quite a strong impression on the receiver. The name card can be given along with brochures or leaflets that explain more about what you promote. When someone is interested, then they can immediately find your contact on the card.


3. Memorable

As previously mentioned before, name cards tend to be more memorable, because it is tangible. People can actually touch and keep it, so it is not easily forgotten. Business cards give a certain feel, especially if they are designed uniquely. The better you design and print your card, the higher the chance you have to gain people's attention with just a tiny item.


4. Simple and Easy

Business cards are small, thus they are simple to carry around and easy to distribute as well. When they are handed out, they do not cause inconvenience to the receiver too.


5. Visible

Digital marketing efforts tend to be dismissed so quickly, especially if not done right. But using name cards, people will at least spare a glance as they receive them. That is why it is important to make sure that the key information is immediately shown on the card.


6. Creates a Good First Impression

Using a name card will make you look proper and professional. Handing it out to fellow professionals who can also be prospects makes you look more reputable. Thus, you can make a positive lasting impression. People who receive it will remember you in a good light and even turn more interested to make business with you.


So, what do you think? After reading all those plus points of having a name card in this digital era, are you convinced enough that it is a great tool that you must have?


Make sure you do not regret anything. Immediately make your design of name cards today, and have it printed in high quality.