2. Businesses 

A business card is another name for a name card. That is why, apart from being used by professionals, Singapore name card is also used for business. Yes, even though businesses or companies are not living being like us, many entrepreneurs decide to have name cards for their businesses or brands. Here are some of the reasons why!  

  • Name cards can be affordable marketing material! 
  • Having presentable and professional name cards make a business look more credible. 
  • It is an easy way to let people know the contact details of a business. 
  • Name cards can be one of the many ways people will interact with your business or brand for the very first time. So, it determines people's perspective about the brand or business. 
  • Name cards can be a tool that represents a business or brand. 
  • And many more! 

3. Students 

Name cards are not just for professionals and businesses. The cards are also a great idea for students! Yes, student! Maybe name cards are not commonly used by students, but some of them prefer to have their own name card. But why? Let's see what made them think of having their name cards!  

  • Name cards can be a way for students to introduce themselves and give their contact details to someone in a formal situation. Besides, students can also give the card to someone who they respect such as their professors.  
  • Having name cards makes students look more professional when introducing themselves and informing their contact details.  
  • For students, name cards can be a tool to build their personal branding!  
  • And many more!