Name cards or business cards are small networking tool that usually used by professionals and businesses. In some countries, the cards are not only used as a tool for networking, but the cards are also part of their culture and become a kind of ceremony. Because of that, it is necessary to have a business card nowadays. How about you? Have you made yours? 

If you have never had name cards or maybe you are looking to redesign your card, then you have just come to the right article as we are going to discuss some of the main elements that should be included on a name card Singapore. 

So, without any further ado, let's start discussing the topic! 

1. Name 

So, the first is the name of the person or company. This is one of the most important main elements to include on a name card! For personal business cards, you can enter your first and last name. Also, you can place your title as a way of informing your qualifications. But for your business, you can simply put the name of your business or company.  

2. Job Title, Tagline, or Description 

To boost the reputation and make people know about who you are or what your business is, then you should add job title, tagline, or description on the name cards. But which one should you put on the card?  

  • Usually, for personal name cards, people add their job title or description to their name card. 
  • For businesses, many entrepreneurs choose to include their tagline or description to make a summary about their brand or business.