3. Contact Details 

Once people receive your card, they should know how to contact you. This is the primary reason including contact details is an essential thing on a name card. But since today a business or professional has more than one way to be contacted, then keep in mind that you only need to include contact details that you use frequently. Here are a few contact details that you can put on your card 

  • Telephone or cell phone number. Do not include more than two telephone or cell phone number; 
  • Professional email address; 
  • Social media. Usually, professionals put their LinkedIn account. But, for business, they put up their Instagram or other e-commerce accounts; 
  • Official website; 
  • Office Address; 

Note: Actually, putting a physical address is a kind of "option". Why? Because there are some businesses that operate online without having a physical office. That is why you may find that some business cards have no address on them. But, if you want to include a physical address, that's even better because placing that address makes the business appear more credible and legitimate!    

4. Logo 

Another main element in name cards is a logo. Actually, a logo is a symbol that can represent an identity. Also, it can help you to create your identity! That is why you can add your company logo (the place where you work) or your business logo to your name card. However, if you have no logo, then it's okay to leave it off.  

5. List of Services or Products 

For business purposes, if you make 2-sided name cards, then you can consider putting your list of services or products on the other side of the card. But even though you have 2 sided cards, you still have a limited size. Because of that, you need to simplify the list first, before you include the list on the card. 

Those are a few main elements in the name cards. Hopefully, you will find that the information in this article is useful for you. So, good luck in making your Singapore name cards!