Name cards are an accessory that has not remained in the past and whose functionality has evolved thanks to technology. Thanks to radiofrequency or electronic chip technologies, the new cards are beginning to be known as smart cards. 

Smart cards are all those cards that are embedded with RFID technology or electronic chips, to store and display any kind of important information. They are not only useful for displaying printed information through specific data or images but are also useful for more complex purposes. 

Today, we live in a world that is increasingly digital and where the advancement of technology often comes as no surprise. Many accessories that were seen as an innovation in the past have been relegated to the background in modern times. However, this is not the case with name cards, which have been adapted to the present day. 

What Makes Them A Smart Accessory? 

Generally, these kinds of cards are manufactured from flexible polymers such as plastic; however, the integration of technological elements such as RFID stickers or electronic chips, turn these simple cards into smart devices. 

With the integration of RFID stickers or electronic chips, the cards can store additional information or data in the cloud. When interacting with a special reader, the identity of the object can be recognized and additional information that has been stored in the cloud can be displayed on a screen. 

Also, with smart business card, unnecessary copying costs are reduced, since only one smart card is enough to inform and make a good impression, as many times as necessary.