What Other Functions Are They Useful For? 

Smart cards are here to stay; although it may be hard to believe, these cards can fulfill the functions of other cards that we carry with us every day, such as transportation cards or bank cards. 

Financial transactions: in Asia, for example, the trend of using a smart card to make purchases of products and services has been implemented. A single card can hold information from multiple bank accounts, streamlining the financial transaction process for individuals. 

Payment for transportation: these cards can be very useful in facilitating payment for public transportation. While it is true that this technology is not new, the fact of manufacturing a single card that can process the payment of any transport is quite innovative. 

Durable: Being made of plastic, these cards are very durable and resistant. This turns out to be a great advantage because you can create cards with different types of designs, sizes, and shapes. 

Likewise, these cards can carry information through stickers (which can be replaced whenever necessary) or printed on the plastic material, without affecting the digital operability of the electronic chips or RFID. 

Providing Identification Solutions 

Thanks to their practicality, a customised name card printing can be used by any type of person or corporation. They can traditionally display information and fulfill additional functions thanks to technology. Fortunately, through companies like Zebra, we are far from seeing the extinction of this kind of card.