Name Card Design Trend in 2021 You Should Consider


In Singapore, many people still use business cards in 2021. As design continues to evolve, the design of name cards turns more unique as well. Trends always shift, and it goes the same for the business card design trend in 2021. If you are planning to make new name cards in 2021, you can consider some of these trends as well.


1. Geometric Design

The trend of geometric design is predicted to turn more popular in 2021 not only for name cards, but also book covers, packaging, logos, and others. Geometric design gives off a futuristic feel that makes it look simple yet smart. This kind of design is symmetrical, giving it the impression of technology-related things, like computer and AI. If you work in the technology industry, then this one can be the option for you to consider.


2. Unorthodox Typography Alignment

Not only colours and graphics, typography and text are also some of the most important aspects of a name card design. In 2021, one of the emerging trends is unusual text alignment. This makes your name card stand out more and leave a stronger impression on the reader. You don't need to always design the text from left to right, but you can experiment with it more. However, make sure that it is still easily readable by everyone without confusing them.


3. Unique Shape

Experimenting with the shape of your name card will become a bigger trend in 2021. With die-cutting, creating unique shapes is possible and you should utilize this technology. You no longer have to be bound with the regular rectangular shape with no interesting edges to it. You are free to make any shape as long as it supports the goals that you want to achieve by handing out your name cards. But as you design the shape, remember to make sure that it does not cause inconvenience to the recipient from the intricate shape.


4. QR Code

QR code will be used more in name cards from this year on. This technology allows you to provide more information without having to put them all in your name card that has limited space. With QR code, people will feel more intrigued to check your name card out and scan the code to know what kind of information is contained in it. You can link people to your website, for example, to let them know more about your business or the company that you represent.


5. Use large text

The trend that you should tap into in 2021 is using big and bold text. This confident design will make your name card look more impressive and difficult to forget. Without a doubt, design with big texts is more attractive even from a distance. It is easier to read, too. However, balance it out with a good text hierarchy so that people would not feel overwhelmed when trying to read your card. Do not forget about sparing some white space on the design as well.