What Experts Recommend 

In the SEO key predictions for 2021, SEO gurus bet on prioritizing the mobile optimization of the entire website as one of the critical criteria for strengthening the positioning of a site. To do this, it is advisable to follow the following guidelines when developing a responsive design : 

  • Design-oriented to different screen resolutions. 
  • Optimization for touch devices. 
  • Optimized and compressed images for the fastest possible loading and for easy sticker printing
  • Same content in the desktop and mobile versions. 
  • Text size adapted to the screen in question. 
  • Avoid effects that do not work in the mobile version. 

In addition, the loading speed is a very influential aspect when working on the SEO of a website. Studies confirm that most users leave a website after 5 seconds of waiting. This is why conditional loading is highly recommended since it will allow unnecessary elements to be loaded when accessed from the mobile (always keeping the essential information in all versions). 

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, Google seeks to improve the user experience, seeking ultimate customer satisfaction and, as a consequence, an increase in web conversions and recurring users for websites. 

As a final point, we must not forget the characteristics of each page, being necessary to find a balance between usability and the information and layout needs of the website itself.