In this era of technology, we rely on doing things digitally more than ever. Online advertising and marketing are now very popular because it can reach more target audience much simpler. However, not all groups of customers use the internet, thus making the conventional way of advertising and marketing using offline media still relevant as well. 

One of the most well known media for marketing and advertising is the poster. A poster is simple to make and easy in execution as well. However, you shouldn't take it lightly. The designing and printing process of making a poster is very important because they determine the final quality of the poster, which affects the effectiveness of it once it is put to work. 

To achieve high quality posters, below are several tips that you should take note of. 

1. Use Four Color Processing 

Four color processing or also known as CMYK color processing uses four primary colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black as opposed to the RGB color processing that only uses three of red, green, and black. CMYK color processing produces richer colors. And by designing in CMYK colors and printing with the same color processing that is most commonly used for printers, you will get a result that is more accurate, which means you won't see many differences from what you see on screen and with what you get upon printing. 

2. Design Resolution 

When it comes to poster printing, we usually talk about large size printing. To make sure that your poster will come out with the best quality, looking sharp and crisp, then you have to design in the best resolution that best compatible with high quality printing. To achieve this quality, you have to work in 300 dpi. With this resolution, however large your poster is, you will get an outstanding look that appears proper and professional. 

3. Size of Poster 

Knowing the size or dimension of the poster as you design it is important so that you can design in an accurate measurement. The decision for a poster size depends on the location. Make sure that your poster is not too small nor too big for the spot that you have decided on. 

4. Proofreading 

Don't forget to proofread, not only for the texts in the poster design but also the entirety of the poster design so that you can be sure that everything is according to your have in mind. Of course, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and everything along that line is the first and foremost priority because only by ensuring a poster that has no errors in those aspects you can get an effective poster that delivers accurate messages to your target audience. 

5. Find Best Printing Service 

Convinced that the design is impeccable? Then all you have to do left is to find a printing service or printing shop that is professional and trusted. If you want a great quality poster, then you definitely have to settle on a printing service that can provide high quality results as well.