If you are new in the graphic design world and would love to make a career out of it, then you will need a lot of practice! These are some advices that may be useful for those beginners that are trying to step up their game and would love their work to be noticed and recognized in the industry!  

1. Brainstorm Before You Get to Work! 

It may sound basic but writing down your ideas or even a small sketch will be helpful to start picturing how your design would turn out. Listening to music will be handy for the brainstorming part too. Go out and get inspired if you need to! 

2. Use Different Fonts and Sizes On the Same Logo 

Combining different typographies is a great idea to draw people’s attention. It is best that the name of the brand or the statement is in bold, which would be the first thing that they will pay attention to. Play with the sizes of the font too! 

3. Don’t be Afraid to Use Contrasting Colors! 

Sometimes it is hard to find two colors that matches perfectly on the same logo having so many different options. Don’t play it safe. Get crazy and go wild using contrasting colors that will blow away the art director that sees your design! 

4. White is a Color Too! 

You probably have seen logos on those colourful sticker printing or posters. Using white on your designs does not mean it is an empty space, because it may helpful! Sometimes the main idea gets lost between bold fonts and bright colors, so consider using white on your work if you need to! 

5. Be Careful With the Background. 

If you have used a colorful image on the back, then it is best that you use a solid color that stands out the text! Adjust the background if it is needed, try blurring it out, desaturating the photo or making the text bolder. 

6. Minimalistic Designs Can Never Go Wrong. 

Working with tons of colors and elements is great, but your designs would always look the same. Sometimes less is more and you could do amazing things with just a few colors and fonts. Bring a logo to life with a vivid color or strong typo. Of course, try to be original! 

7. Take Small Breaks. 

Graphic designers need both inspiration and creativity but working on a design for too many hours on a row can burn you out. Go get a coffee or stretch your legs for while and then come back to it. Allow yourself to have small breaks during the process will be better for you and for your creation too! 

Practice makes perfect, so start practicing now