6. Value Propositions 

Value propositions are short statements that define what you can do for your customers—or what the value of your business or product is. You’ll likely have more than one, and if you have several customer segments, you can have different value propositions for each. 

7. Voice 

Effective brand messaging is more than just what you say, but how you say it. Your brand voice brings the personality of your business to life. 

Decide whether you’re passionate, casual, funny, professional, or whatever fits your brand. Craft a voice with that in mind and consistently use it in your marketing materials so your customers will begin to emotionally connect with your brand. 

8. Slogan 

Your company’s slogan or tagline is one of the most important elements of your external brand messaging. In just a few words, you can compose a message in a brochure printing that echoes in the reader’s brain for weeks, months, an entire lifetime. 

Brands can use slogans however they want. You might describe your business, elicit emotions or just make people laugh. It all depends on your brand personality.

Whichever route you choose, make sure your slogan is simple, short and memorable. You can also have a lot of fun with rhyming and wordplay to make your slogan even easier to remember. 

9. Elevator Pitch 

The elevator pitch is an old-school business concept. Imagine you find yourself in an elevator with a rich investor or potential customer, and you only had a few seconds to turn them on to your brand. What would you say? That’s your elevator pitch. 

The goal of an elevator pitch is to describe as much as you can in as few words as possible. Start building this with your positioning statement at the center, and then add your differentiators and value propositions around it.

Soon, you’ll have a short 30-second snippet that expresses all of the important pieces of your brand. 

Messaging Matters 

A lesson on brand messaging from Shakespeare: Hamlet is a complex character with more emotional depth and internal dialogue than most real people. But we can easily boil down his essence to his iconic line: “to be or not to be.” That’s because Hamlet’s brand messaging is on point. 

Your brand messaging is the essence of your brand with words. While we can’t offer you Shakespeare, we can give you the next best thing: advice on brand messaging and the crucial part it plays for the success of your brand. Be sure not to underestimate its power.