Poster stand comes in many different types. While some of them use simple motors, some are very simple and do not use any. 

These types of banner stands are called a non-retractable banner stand. Included in this type of stand are the portable, spring back, X banner, and the tension back stands. 

People's preferences vary between the retractable and non-retractable stands. 

If you are confused about which one to choose, it's best that you learn the pros and cons of using it. 


1. Very Lightweight 

Since a non-retractable poster stand is very simple, it does not use any motor or other intricate parts. Undoubtedly, it is very light. This advantage of a non-retractable stand is great for ones who are planning to commence on a marketing campaign without much help, such as the owners of small businesses who have just started. It is easy to handle on your own, so you don't have to worry if you have to do it alone. 

2. No Mechanical Parts to Worry About 

Using this type of stand, you only have the pole parts as well as the graphics, such as a poster or a banner, and that is all. No mechanical part or motored aspects to worry about and this means one less problem. 

This can be an advantage especially if you don't wish to deal with parts problems and don't have the ability to deal with it. Using a non-retractable stand is a safe option if you don't want any complications during the campaign. 

3. Cheaper 

Since it is simpler, a non-retractable stand is also cheaper than retractable ones. If you wish to save up money and still perform great in indoor events, this one is what you need to choose. 


1. Takes Time and Effort 

It is simpler, yes, but a non-retractable poster stand takes longer to set up as everything has to be done manually. It is definitely doable on your own or with minimum help. All it needs is a little bit of extra patience and work. 

2. Chance of Damage 

Since the non-retractable stand does not come with a base the way retractable stands do, the graphics for the stand has a higher chance of getting damaged especially if not handled correctly. So, you have to pay extra attention when it comes to handling this type of banner stand. 

3. Graphics Handling 

Since the stand pole and graphics are separated, it is slightly more of a hassle to set it up and take it down because you need to attach or detach the grommets of the graphics to the corners of the stand. With the retractable stand, on the other hand, you only need to take seconds to set it up or take it down and the graphics are already installed with the pole as well. 

It is important to consider the pros and cons of using a non-retractable poster stand very carefully especially depending on your budget, event, and financial plan. So don't worry about taking time in coming to a conclusion.