In today's technologically advanced world, company owners and advertisers should be aware of the importance of name cards. Name cards help in promotions and business growth. Printing companies can boost their marketing efforts by designing and printing name cards with the help of some helpful hints. However, there are a few things you should know before considering name card printing in Singapore; 

1. Determine the Card's Size  

To fit in the card portfolio, these cards should be made smaller. The standard size of a name card is 3.5 inches by 2 inches in most situations. 

2. Figure Out The Orientation 

In landscape, portrait, square, and custom cuts formats, orientation refers to how people see your card.  

3. The Material Used  

The nature of the materials used to create the card is essential. While most of the cards are printed on paper, other materials such as plastic can be used. If you have to buy the print, make sure you get the right thickness, color, weight, and coating.  

4. Decide on the Design Essentials for Your Name Card  

When you're ready to begin designing your card, keep the following design elements in mind to ensure that you create the best card possible for your business. 

5. Choose your Colour 

Make sure you use the most appropriate colors to reflect your brand. You are free to mix as many colors as you want.  

6. Choose a Suitable Font.  

Your card will still have the right feel if you use the right font. As a result, make sure the font size on the card is readable and use script fonts that do not detract from readability.  

7. Put Everything in its Appropriate Place 

The front of the card should contain important details, while the back should add flavor to the card. The following information should be on the front of the card: 

The company or organization's name, Job title, name, contact information, including office phone number, email address, and fax, company logo, and the organization's Web address. The back of the card, on the other hand, should feature some fashionable imagery in the form of original artwork. You may also have your company logo in this region.  

8. Deviate from the Standard When it Comes to Design.  

Instead of using a standard template for your card, you can go against the grain and make something completely unique.  

9. Give Your Card Special Finishing Techniques 

You can make your card stand out by using special finishing techniques like metallic ink and foil blocking. Such finishes contribute to the card's overall beauty.  

Final Thoughts  

To summarize, the pointers mentioned above will assist you in creating the most eye-catching name cards that will entice your audience. It would increase the company's overall physical awareness. If you're ready to order your name card, go to our name cards section to submit an inquiry, or if you already have your artwork, go to our online shop to place an order right now.