Work habits that have been positively rewarded can motivate and entice a person. Work habits that have been negatively awarded cannot motivate an employee. An employee will feel that he has been given a chance only if he had a lousy record previously. This makes it very difficult to develop positive work habits in the future. 

It also helps to have an environment that encourages good work habits. The atmosphere in an office can sometimes discourage good work habits. For this reason, it is essential for a manager to create an environment that encourages a change from bad habits to good work habits. 

The best way to motivate people to have good work habits is to provide a reward. When an employee has received a reward or a monetary award for having a good work habit, he will be more inclined to maintain the same.

Rewards should be given when work habits have been enhanced but also given when habits have been changed. This will strengthen the importance of having good work habits. 

A reward should be tied to each of the work habits that have been improved. This makes it easy for an employee to appreciate the importance of the improvement.

Employees feel valued if they have received recognition for having a good work ethic. Recognition is also important because it encourages them to maintain new work habits. 

A reward should also be tied to some sort of test. If an employee is performing well in a particular area, he may go home with gifts like namecard or cash rewards. This encourages him to perform even better in the future. It is essential to use these types of bonuses as a motivator for good work habits. 

It is possible to motivate people by giving them money or gifts. However, employees may not always be willing to take them home. This makes the use of rewards the most effective means of encouraging positive change. Rewards should also be given occasionally so that the habit can be maintained.