In addition to these essential tips, it is worthwhile to see which business card you like best yourself. Collect business cards and regularly look for new examples of successful business cards on the Internet. 

This is the best way to get a feeling for what a perfect business card can do and that the ready-made business card packages offered everywhere are cheap and cheap. 

The message and the "joke" of a business card are also essential and should not be forgotten because what usually triggers the wow factor and doesn't let your business card get lost in the crowd. 

Where To Find Business Card Examples 

There are a few places on the Internet where you can find lots of good sample business cards. These are excellent sources of inspiration, some of which show very nicely how a business card design can perfectly support the content and the company statement. 

Some handy tips for designing your company business card printing can be found at It addresses many points that are precisely the problem with the design. 

Recommendation 1 is, for example, "Don't be too similar," and point 2 is "Don't be too different." This conflict clearly shows that the design of business cards is not something that should be done on the side. Finding the right balance is not easy. 

Some other very interesting and beautiful business card examples can be found on the Canva website. Here, too, it turns out that simple ideas are often the best.  

It doesn't have to be that complicated. The burned corner, for example, is exciting, and I find it simply fantastic. It is guaranteed to attract attention, which is the first important step to deliver your message.