1. POD Does Not Require Large Capital (Cont.) 

  • No stock required. We mentioned earlier that with on-demand printing your product will only be printed or processed by your printing partner after you receive an order. That is why you don't need to stock your product. And, as a result, there is no need for you to spend your money to stock your products and pay for inventory cost.  

2. Minimal Risk 

In the previous point, we talked a lot about many things, including the stock. We know that there is no requirement for you to have some inventories. So, that means you don't need to make any forecasts and worry that you have too many inventories in your warehouse. Hence, you can minimize the risk of having too many dusty and unsold products.  

3. Various Items Can be Sold! 

So, do you know what items can be produced and sold with POD? With the continuous advancement of printing technology, now, besides you can print on paper, you can also print on various items. That is why the answer to the previous question is that you can produce and sell various kind of items such as books, name cards, tote bags, hoodies, t-shirts, invitation cards, mug, hat, postcards, socks, masks, scarves, and more!