On demand printing is a printing technique that allows you to produce products on demand such as t-shirts, cups, or posters with a particular pattern or design.

It is a customization of accessories or clothes that is carried out as soon as the customer makes an order.

As such, it can be seen as a customized dropshipping service with several providers worldwide offering you the possibility to customize your products with your unique and creative designs.

What are the Most Interesting On Demand Printing Products?

By definition, on demand printing is capable of printing any imaginable product.

It is therefore quite possible to customize some existing shoes, t-shirts, or mugs by changing the colors or the images present on the design. However, that doesn’t allow you to recreate entirely new products.

For example, if you want to design another form of mugs. You would then have to create another different mold, as on demand printing can’t do that for you.

Thus, by doing taking advantage of on demand printing in dropshipping, you can create custom t-shirts, have stylish shoes without changing the shape or customize a whole bunch of accessories.

To give you an idea, here are some of the products you can customize with on demand printing:

  • Almost all types of clothes and of course the T-shirts.
  • Mugs and other cups.
  • Personalized phone cases.
  • Posters or paintings.
  • Accessories and toys for pets, dogs, or cats…
  • Jewelry.
  • Laptop pads.
  • Blankets or cushions.

What remains is for you to imagine and create very attractive logos, watermarks, quotes and designs that would be attractive to your customer base, before sending them to your on demand printing provider, who will then take care of printing them on your products whenever an order is made.

The margins are not especially high for average products, but a unique and well-thought-out T-shirt design, for example, will allow you to increase your sales and therefore your profits.

You can offer numerous variations of sizes or colors.

Nowadays, the most profitable niche remains t-shirts with very specific designs, such as music bands, famous actors, geeky customizations, football teams, etc…

On demand printing, therefore, revolves around the designs that you will be able to make, which are different in function of the applications that you will use to print. We often tend to think of textile printers, to make t-shirts, shirts, silkscreen printing. But we can produce products other than marking on a garment. For example, there is often a printing service that continues to improve and offers different types of printing with different types of products.

Some of the most profitable on demand printing products for dropshipping are:

  • Engravings on bracelets, whether they are made of steel, silver, or gold.
  • The on demand printing service of books allows you to do amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) which is an on demand printing service for your books. Each book is printed as soon as it is ordered.
  • Printing on CDs and vinyl, or even music CDs or USB sticks for musical bands.
  • Wall storages, advertising banners, and of course the flocking on various supports with an adhesive label.