Selling your own designs in on demand printed products is an exciting and ambitious project. In this mini-guide, we will look at how you can create beautiful on demand printed patterns.  

A world of t-shirts, caps, bags, iPhone cases, mugs… The choice is great and that is the whole point of a sales method such as on demand printing.  

But how do you create drawings and patterns if you are not a designer or a graphic designer?  

Finding a Niche Idea  

This is the first point that I think is essential if you want to sell products online: find a theme that is relevant for a target audience.  

If your brand doesn’t have its own universe, a unique way of defining itself, it’s going to have a hard time getting visibility in the ultra-competitive world of the web.  

For that, finding a niche to exploit for an on demand printing store is really important, if not essential! 

Besides, working in a field that you like offers various benefits. Doing what you like allows you to have a great capacity to work overtime.  

For example, if you are passionate about astronomy, why not sell designs of drawings of galaxies, planets, etc.  

Creating Your Design, the 2 Rules  

Rule #1: Remain simple 

Staying on the path of simplicity when you create designs or when you delegate them allows on one side diversifications of models, thus providing a catalog that contains many references, and on the other side to reduce costs.  

For example, you will need less time and less money if you opt for designs that are made of inspirational quotes.  

Personally, I am not a big fan of this kind of product, but I know that selling t-shirts with short sentences or expressions is a powerful way to attract attention.  

Besides, This remains valid in any given field, even the most serious ones such as science or mathematics.  

Rule #2: No Need to Be an Expert  

The simplest designs are the most successful. A few words or a simple logo design often do the trick.  

The realization that you do not really need to be an expert to make your own designs is quite liberating. This will provide you with the required confidence to express your ideas and unleash your imagination into creative designs. 

Testing Your Designs 

Nowadays, you can test your ideas and designs without really spending any money.  

Thanks to mockup generators. You can generate a picture of your products with the specific design that you have just provided. Thus allowing you to get a clear picture of how your design would look on your on demand printing products. This is also useful, as it will help you decide if you need to make any adjustments to your creations.  

The «Upload your image» center is then replaced by a logo, a motif or a drawing.  

Mockups are very practical and not only for ready-to-wear accessories. 

Alternatively, if a mock-up display is not enough for you, you can ask your on demand printing provider, to print a single copy of your design on one of your products, which will give you a definitive idea of how the visual looks on your product.