On-demand printing is one of the business ideas that you should consider when you are thinking of starting a business. But, wait, did you know about on-demand printing before? 

Maybe some of you are already familiar with on-demand printing. But, for those who don't know about it, then you may need to understand "what is on-demand printing" first.  

On-demand printing or print on demand (POD) is a business fulfilment method where you will only print your products when there is an order for them.  

Do you get it now? If you get it, then it is time for us to show you a few things that make on-demand printing one of the business methods and ideas that worth to be considered.  

So, let's get started!  

1. Sell Your Design Under Your Brand 

First thing first, it is important for you to know about "printing partner". But what is a printing partner? Basically, a printing partner is a printing company that you will work with. So, you won't directly go into the process of printing your products because your printing partner will do it for you. The good thing about it is that you can still sell the product under your brand, even if you are not involved in the printing process. Plus, although your printing partner will handle the whole printing process, you can create the artwork to be printed on your products.  

2. It Allows You to Only Print a Single Product!  

For some businesses, there is a minimum quantity required in a single production run. But that doesn't same with POD. There is no minimum quantity as you are even allowed to print or produce only a single product!