3. Reduce Warehousing  

In the last point, we talked that you don't need to prepare and think about the inventory since the product will be printed once there is an order for it. But there are actually more good things as a result of printing the product after getting an order. The good thing is that you can reduce warehousing because there is no inventory needed, and you can also minimize expenses on storage costs. Plus, you can be less stressed since you don't need to think too much about unsold and dusty products.  

4. You Can Start with a Minimum Capital 

We mentioned in the previous point about "printing partner", right? Actually, because of that, you don't need to spend your money to get printing equipment that most likely will be quite expensive. Besides, do you still remember that with on-demand printing you will only print the product until there is an order? That is the reasons you can start your business without inventory. Plus, since you will be paid by your customer when you get the order, you are basically using their money to make the order. 

5. Various Products 

Print on demand is not just about producing and printing paper products. Today, thanks to advances in printing technology, you can print on various kinds of items such as books, invitation cards, hats, t-shirts, mugs, business cards, postcards, hoodies, and other items!