Nowadays, on demanding printing is increasingly becoming more useful as it is offering various opportunities. Whether you are a dropshipping supplier or an e-merchant, getting to know and grasp the process behind on demand printing is vital to the success of your business.

As such, in this article, we will be exploring the on demand printing process.

  1. You first have to create an online store with your preferred CMS. It will of course contain an application of your choice for digital printing.
  2. You will have to find the products you like. Is it better for your niche to offer a sticker as a wall covering? Leaflets? Maybe work on the prints of artistic canvases? Are you going to propose the design using Photoshop, or give free rein to customers to upload their visuals?
  3. If you work with a designer, it is perfectly normal for the latter to sell you the visual or get royalties on each sale.
  4. You can then download the photoshop file, pdf, or rtf which contains the exact variable data and coordinates of the document to edit the visual, its dimensions and get the right impression. (Indeed, inkjet printing uses four-color, that is to say, 4 colors like the CMYK with toner cartridges, while our screens are in 3 colors like the RGB technology, so there might be a difference if you send the wrong file format). Respect the size of the image so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. If you do not have the skillset of a graphic designer there are free templates like on Freepik that you can use if the copyright allows it.
  5. Once the design is made, you can test the quality of your products by ordering a BAT, a test product to check if the printing or laminating is good.
  6. Finally, fill out the product sheet, put together some nice pictures, provide a description on how to wash the product, and create an interesting marketing offer.

You are now ready to get started in the one demand printing business! Be however careful to test your product. If there is a defect with the file you sent and the printing technique you requested.

In case you start making stock, for example, flyer, a sticker that is ordered quite often, or a T-shirt that customers like, you will then switch to wholesale orders and you will no longer be in the on demand printing business.

To enhance your on demand printing, you can offer a graphic design service, advantages like binding options on books, gifts like mugs. In short, you have to distinguish yourself and establish an interesting product.

You can very well offer an e-commerce shop in dropshipping specialized in on demand printed products.

You can, for example, focus exclusively on T-shirts of a given theme, or highly sought after products in your niche!

Additionally, you can fully automate your sales and production with a specifically built app.

As soon as a customer orders from you, it will automatically pass the order to your supplier who will produce the product in a few business days and have it delivered directly to your customer. It’s practical, isn’t it?