3. It's a Cheap Product Yet Versatile 

Did you know that in a box of 100 cards, you only have to pay no more than SGD18? It is so cheap you do not even need to think twice to purchase. When compared with the functions and benefits you get, the price paid is worth spending. Business cards you can use to network with new colleagues from other companies with many different backgrounds. In addition, sticker products are also very affordable. Vinyl and mirrorkote sticker types are the most commonly used stickers. Why is that? Because of its convenience and durability, there is no need to doubt. Depending on how you want to make it, you can make your sticker last for as long as possible.   

4. Easy to Order 

Ease of ordering is another attraction that makes on-demand printing very desirable. For example, in ordering stickers, you only need to make a design that will be made, come to the printing shop you choose, then provide the design file that will be made. You might get a little adjustment according to pre-set on the printing shop itself. However, it would be pretty easy to do because the operator will help the process. Just be mindful that once you design it yourself, there are some file requirements such as CMYK and bleeding area. Create yours now!