#3 Don't Lose Sight of The Brand's Core Themes and Values 

What should a customer immediately think of when a brand is mentioned? The answer reflects the core, the essential theme of the brand.  

In principle, everything revolves around this point. The brand must be consistently focused on this point, on this topic. Only in this way does it remain credible and authentic over the long term.  

To come back to one of the initial examples: Customers associate entirely different values ​​and emotions with Fanta than with Red Bull, for example. This also applies on a small scale: hardly anyone also takes the photographer who scores highly on the web with professional knowledge in this area as Authority on organic food seriously. To win loyal and loyal customers, the brand must, first of all, remain loyal to itself. 

#4 Communicate Clearly and Unambiguously 

The following applies to brand communication: keep it simple. The brand message must be simple, clear, and understandable for everyone in the target group.  

Consistent in all channels and individual measures that are used for brand communication. To keep the core messages of the brand short and crisp but still understandable and unambiguous, it often helps to think about tweeting the message.  

Twitter offers space for 140 characters - the brand promise must be accommodated in these 140 characters. Ambiguities, empty words, overly long formulations, and complicated sentence structures are automatically eliminated.

Once that is done, all measures, content, and campaigns for the brand can be built on it. 

#5 Establish Your Own Brand Style 

Over 500,000 brands are actively advertised in English-speaking countries. Every person is confronted with around 3,000 brand contacts every day.  

Consumers only spend one to two seconds on average per contact - one second for an online pull up banner and two for a mailing. The brand has one to two seconds to make a lasting impression or refresh the brand's memory and values.  

Your style is therefore of immense importance. It has to be distinctive, eye-catching, and memorable in color, image, and text.