The implications of Company registration with a physical location are well known. However, what about those offshore companies that, due to the wide advantages offered by the Internet, can operate from anywhere? Should they also have their company registration? 

The company registration makes the company visible, includes it within the economic dynamics; allowing it to enjoy the benefits and at the same time fulfill the responsibilities that it implies. 

Whether its name is physical or offshore, an entrepreneur who has the will to promote his business will choose to comply with the law. 

Will You Need A Place? 

All company registration involves the issuance of reliable and truthful information about the company and its owners.

This includes the details of an address that is a valid point of contact to which any requirements or claims can be made. 

If you, for example, already have a physical headquarters of your company registered in some state; and wish to operate under the offshore figure in another location, you must resort to hiring a registration agent who can provide an address that meets the requirements. 

If, on the contrary, you wish to start from scratch as an offshore company, it is advisable to check among the states; which one offers better guarantees and advantages such as low taxes, for example.