Onlineshop Keywords: Long-Tail 

If you want to open and rank an online pasta shop, you can, of course, try to rank high volume keywords such as "iPhone" or "smartphone." 

Due to the high search volume, however, many providers are interested in becoming the top result for these search terms. 

Therefore, it is advisable to focus on corresponding long-tail keywords such as "buy second-hand iPhone, New York." 

The competition here is a lot less, as these keywords are uninteresting due to the low search volume. This increases the chance of ranking in the top results here. 

Besides, these keywords are much more specific. The probability that a searcher has an intention to buy a "smartphone" is much lower than with "buy second-hand iPhone, New York." 

Accordingly, the traffic with long-tail keywords is significantly lower but qualitatively much higher. 

Also, studies show that around 80% of search queries are motivated by pure knowledge acquisition. The users want to find out more about specific topics. 

As a result, you as an online shop owner must also rank for these so-called informational keywords to generate organic traffic. The best way to achieve this is to implement a blog and good poster printing on your webshop and convey knowledge about your niches or products.