#3 Your Keyword Belongs in the URL 

Even if the keyword in the URL is viewed as a rather small ranking factor, experience shows that it is still vital to integrate the main keyword into the URLs of your website. 

Besides, the shorter the URL, the better. A short URL ensures simplicity and clarity. 

#4 Your Keyword Belongs in the Meta Description 

The meta description is not a ranking factor, but it is a crucial pitch to guide users from Google search to your website. 

The meta description is the first impression for many of your visitors to Google and, as is so often the case in life, the first impression counts. 

Put the primary keyword in your meta description so that the search engines can better understand your page and you can rank for the main keyword. 

You can also use the meta description to design the content of your website in the search results on Google. 

Make sure to make the meta description so “clicky” that the users want to click on your result and not the outcome of your competitors. 

In Summary, This is How You Create Your Perfect Meta Description: 

  • Short and sweet: 1 - 2 sentences 
  • Add a keyword 
  • Arouse curiosity to click the result 
  • Make it meaningful and clear to match your content 
  • Avoid duplicate meta descriptions on multiple pages 
  • Have a good logo design on your website