Do you have a supermarket or a discount store, and are you looking for practical freezer stickers for your own company? Then there are a few essential things to look out for when ordering these stickers. 

You can read here what precisely these are and what tips and tricks to consider. 

Order Freezer Labels On A Roll 

Freezer stickers should withstand a lot. Everyone should be aware of that.  

But most of them are not sure which material is also suitable for freezer stickers. We have the answer for you.  

For stickers or labels that are attached to frozen products, you should choose suitable materials. When choosing the material, you should pay attention to its existing water resistance and cold resistance.  

Paper labels are not suitable as freezer labels. With high-quality freezer labels, you can choose between two materials: vinyl stickers or foil PP stickers on a roll.  

If you need a large number of stickers, we recommend purchasing stickers printed on PP film. Foil PP labels can withstand temperatures down to -40 ° C and vinyl stickers down to -30 ° C. 

Attach the Freezer Sticker Correctly. 

Some aspects should also be considered when applying freezer labels to frozen products. With stickers on a roll, the adhesive can be selected individually.  

We recommend applying an extra-strong adhesive to foil PP stickers on a roll. Therefore, this sticker can be attached to the intended product at a temperature of up to 0 ° C.  

Freezer labels should never be affixed when the temperature is below zero, as the sticker's adhesive strength can be lost.  

Order Freezer Labels from Trusted Sticker Printing Companies 

Are you looking for suitable freezer stickers for specifying the best-before date that can easily be attached to the freezer? Matching labels or stickers can be placed using the order form or the sticker designer.  

If you already have a suitable print file with the freezer labels draft, you can upload it using the form after you have specified the payment method you want. Is it necessary to you that the stickers for the freezer compartment are particularly cheap?  

Then it would be best if you put PP stickers on rolls on the foil. The good thing about bespoke stickers is that you can customize the freezer labels as you wish. Even the logo can be printed on the sticker, and the dimensions and shape can be freely combined so that you get the best sticker for you. 

Whether you are advertising for your club or a newly founded business or simply looking for an excellent souvenir for friends or colleagues, you will definitely find it in the sticker printing shop. Let yourself be inspired by the many possibilities of the stickers.  

Our professional sticker printing specialists will, of course, be happy to answer your questions personally at any time. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!