A well-designed business card is much more than a piece of paper with your contact information on it. It exudes professionalism, promotes customer confidence, and sets you apart from your competitors.  

Before you start designing, you should pause for a moment and ask yourself these questions: What distinguishes a good business card? What does it take to make it stand out from the crowd and win over customers? 

#1 Use the Space On Both Sides 

To get the most out of a business card, you should print on both sides. The back is ideal for jotting down appointments, stamping loyalty points, or giving an exclusive look behind the scenes.  

If you run a restaurant or cocktail bar, it would be a great idea to have a recipe printed on the back. Do you sell handmade goods? Then it makes sense to use your business card as a label. 

Magnetic business cards are another fancy idea. They are a smart option for plumbers, gardeners, zookeepers, hairdressers, auto repair shops, restaurants, and many other service companies whose services are used regularly. Your customers can attach the business cards to the fridge so that their contact information is always at hand. 

There are endless ways to spice up your business card, so it lasts longer, makes a better impression, and gets but picked up more often. 

#2 Position the Logo Optimally 

A business card is much more than a piece of paper with your contact information on it. Your business card represents you and your brand.  

Before you get down to work and design a new business card, there are two key design elements that you should think about: your logo and your brand colors. Not only does your visual branding concept depend on these two elements, they also set the tone for the rest of the design. 

The logo is the central element on a decent business card printing. So, it is advisable to design one side with the logo. It also embodies your company in visual form and should therefore be quick and easy to recognize.